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Coach House interior plant designer in Chicago, Illinois

Hello and thank you for visiting the site! I have been working with plants for the past 5 years now, helping offices, retail spaces and homes transform their spaces into a green, breath of fresh air. Watching peoples’ reactions as plants are added to an office is probably one of my favorite experiences ever, what a difference it makes! Working with plants makes me happy and working with designers and creating a plan that best fits your budget and esthetic is what I am here to do. I am passionate about blending natural elements in creative ways that will live in harmony and rhythm within your space.


Michael is a Chicago-area native, music graduate from the University of Colorado Denver and lives in the Avondale neighborhood of Chicago.

“Plants have an amazing ability to help people prosper in more ways than one. They have a unique ability to breathe positive energy and good health into your home or office and open the door for opportunities- whatever it may be.”


Michael Glader
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Whether it’s a one-time delivery or a plant consultation, we’d love to talk. Coach House is ready to transform your home, office or rooftop with plants and beautiful containers. Our design consultations are complimentary.