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Plant Maintenance

Indoor plant maintenance for home or office: Chicago and Suburbs

If you need office plant maintenance services in Chicago, Illinois, or you want someone to take care of the plants in your home, Coach House will send a professional horticulturist to your location to handle flower and plant upkeep.


Maintain the health of your interior plants.

Taking care of a plant requires more than splashing some water on it a few times a week! Plants need to be misted, cleaned, pruned, watered and fed in order to perform in their peak conditions.


Professional indoor plant maintenance services

Keep your plants in tip-top shape while protecting your investment, schedule a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one-time visit with a trained Coach House horticulturist. Signing up with our maintenance plan guarantees your plants, meaning if anything dies, looks marginal or fails to thrive in your space it will be replaced at no additional cost.  Maintenance plans are available depending on project size. 

Looking for a company to take care of your interior plants? Coach House offers plant maintenance packages to Chicago, Illinois, businesses and homes. Contact us  below to discuss your maintenance needs.

Our Process

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Adequately watering your plants requires an expert touch. Over-watering or frequent under-watering can lead to plant decay.

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Prune and Trim

Make way for new growth by getting rid of dry, brown or yellow leaves. We’ll make sure leaves are removed on each visit and prune to help promote newer growth.

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Your plants may reach a point of growing too large for their containers, or may need new soil and repotting to get them growing healthily again.

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Dusting and misting can help keep the plant looking brand new and performing at its best. We’ll clean and dust the leaf surface on every visit.

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Insect Disease Control

On occasion, plants will attract insects or diseases. A trained Technician will inspect and treat any plant with approved chemicals that are safe for indoor use. (Common among some plants, an inspection will be done upon site visit to determine if the plant is diseased.)

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Guaranteed Plant Replacement

Once in a while, a plant will not respond to treatment or care. If problems arise within 60 days of plant purchase and site visits, a replacement plant will be arranged for installation.

Contact Me

Whatever you need, just give us a call

Tell us a little about your space and your plant care needs. Our packages begin as low as $50.00 per month. Once we receive your contact form, we’ll be in touch and schedule a complimentary site assessment.