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Plant Maintenance Chicago

Indoor plant maintenance for commercial spaces and businesses: Chicago and Suburbs

The Coach House team provides Chicago commercial spaces and business with skilled horticultural support. Watering, pruning, misting, cleaning and feeding performed by knowledgeable individuals who care for your plants.

Professional indoor plant maintenance services

Ongoing plant maintenance guarantees plants continue looking as lively as they did on install day. Monthly plant maintenance rates depend on amount of plants and type of plants installed. Ongoing plant maintenance is offered on a weekly and twice-monthly basis.

Contact us using the form below, call or email info@coachhouseplants.com to learn more about our plant maintenance services.

Plant Maintenance Process

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Knowing when and how much to water plants requires an expert touch! Our knowledge of plants and water requirements will help make a huge difference.

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Everything needs a good cleaning every once in a while! Washing leaves will remove dust, allow for better photosynthesis, and make them stronger against pests.

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Misting plants helps create moisture in dry offices spaces and helps rid the leaves of unwanted dust particles.

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We can all use a hair cut every once in a while! Pruning plants helps them look healthier and develops new growth.

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Plants also need to eat! Our natural/sustainable fertilizers make a huge difference and keep our plants happy and healthy.

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Pest Control

On occasion plants may get sick, when this happens we appropriately treat plants with natural pest control products to get them back on their feet.