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Plant design and plant maintenance for commercial space, office or high-end homes: Chicago and Suburbs

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Commercial Spaces

Coach House Plants offers offices and workspaces the opportunity to evolve and grow. Using natural elements, Coach House cultivates the energy of a space by developing scalable living installations. We are devoted to collaborating with you to create plantscapes that amplify your space while maintaining your existing style.

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Residential Spaces

Adding lush green plants, small indoor trees  or silk replicas to your home brings in beautiful natural elements that speak volumes. Let Coach House select the most suitable plants that fit your style, thrive in your home, and are easy to take care of. Plants don’t just add greenery, they enhance your quality of life.

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Chicago flower design studio


Our team can create beautiful flower designs for special events, plant walls, moss walls, terrariums, and more. Let us help you make an impact using plants and flowers. We welcome ideas for custom projects and events.

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chicago plant maintenance


Not everyone has a green thumb. Coach House offers ongoing plant maintenance for commercial spaces and businesses in the Chicago area.

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Virtual Plant Care

Virtual Plant Consultation – $40

Ask us anything about your house plants! During these 30 minutes, we’ll answer any questions about maintenance or help you troubleshoot common plant problems.

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