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Plant Basics: The 5 Best Plants for Your Home

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Plant Basics: The 5 Best Plants for Your Home

The number one question I get asked all the time is “what are the easiest plants to take care of?” The truth is there are many plants that are quite easy to take care of, but these 5 particular plants below are incredibly adaptable, resilient to neglect, and totally complimentary in most interior design settings.


Dracena Marginata

This plant is one of the easiest you can take care of. Easily placed in any room, a Dracena Marginata  can maximize the height of your ceiling with its natural, leggy, architectural shape. I water mine every 10 days! This is the perfect plant for home.


Monstera Philodendron

Also known as the Swiss cheese plant, the Monstera Philodendron is a perfect low light plant to provide an interesting texture, large leaf look, and fill in a much-needed empty corner. You can really push the watering on these, almost every other week. These are tanks!


Rubber Plant

The Rubber plant is a great choice to provide a darker leaf color when coordinating with many other green houseplants. The rubber plant will simply stand out and give you a much needed color variation. You can water very sparingly, once every 10 -14 days and place in most lighting scenarios.



The Schefflera is a wonderful choice for a more detailed leaf texture.  Variegated leaves, a bushy shape, tall, and expansive, the Schefflera is a very versatile plant that comes in many different shapes and sizes. The Schefflera is a highly recommended plant! I’d place these in medium light and water every 10 days. 


Bird of Paradise

With its elegant, large leaves, the Bird of Paradise plant is an excellent choice in interior plant design. Providing an impressive width and height, these plants can really fill a room with an impactful green splash. I would water these weekly and place them in medium, indirect light.

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