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Living Art


Living Art

Living plant art designs for your home or office: Chicago and Suburbs

Want to buy a vertical garden or succulent  terrarium? We design living plant art in Chicago, Illinois, for residential homes and commercial office spaces. In addition to creating and installing plant walls and framed moss, we also arrange terrariums and succulent planters.

Living plant art for your home or office

With plants, we can bring the natural outdoor beauty inside while adding an artistic and unexpected green twist to your living space. Art is literally alive with these stunning options.

Plant walls:

Also referred to as vertical gardens, living walls are dramatically beautiful.

Framed scenic moss installations:

Moss creates green wall art in a low-maintenance design.


Whether on a table top or hanging, these mini plant worlds are delightful.

We are passionate about plants, and turning them into art is where we truly let loose. Plant art designs can go vertical with  framed moss, or be whimsical and charming in a terrarium.

Plant art for you or as a gift

Coach House living art is designed with inspiration to bring energy and abundance to your home or office. Succulent terrariums, planters,  are created specific to your décor or gift giving needs. We also work with top interior designers, providing plants and flower arrangements that complement any style or design aesthetic.

For terrarium, vertical gardens, and other living plant art designs in Chicago, Illinois, contact Coach House and tell us about your space.

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Tell us a little about your living art project or gift.  We’ll contact you right away and discuss all the possibilities and create a custom piece for your home, office or gift giving needs.